All Hallow’s Read

Click on Mr. Gaiman to learn more about All Hallow’s Read.

We all heard the man–now let’s get in on this new Halloween tradition!  Below are some links to sites with suggestions for scary books to share this Halloween.  And please do take Neil’s advice and ask us here at the library for ideas.  We love to terrify folks, and to help folks terrify other folks. 

Oh, and reading, that’s important as well.

Marie’s Favorite Scary Books
A few of Marie’s personal favorites.

Seattle Public Library’s “Fear and Loathing in the Library”
A list of recommended horror–no shying away from the gruesome ones here!  “The Floating Classroom” looks good…there’s even a Western!

Halloween Horrors! From Monster Librarian
A great eclectic list of horror (even a few mash-ups), including some titles for kids.  It’s helpfully organized by type (zombie, human horror, werewolves, etc.).

Becky’s Horror Lists
From the excellent blog RA For All: Horror.  Readers can find suggestions for everything from gruesome to psychological, splatter-gore to ghosts.


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