Simply Books! Starting Up Again

The library’s book group for adults, Simply Books!, will be starting regular meetings again this Sunday.  We’ll meet in the Walsh History Center on the library’s second floor at 2pm.

Simply Books! is a place to share whatever you’re reading with others.  There’s no set reading list, no reading goals.  It’s a fun and flexible format that encourages reading across all genres and subjects, from scifi to biographies to history to horror.   Your latest favorite is what we want to hear about!  It’s a great way to learn about titles you might not have chosen for yourself, as well as to spend a fun hour discussing books with a diverse group of readers.

After each meeting we distribute a list of the books we discussed, so that we can all have access to it (and so we all don’t have to take notes!).  The books we read are also put up on the staff Shelfari page, here on the Readers Corner blog, and a hard copy is put in our Readers Resources binder at the library.

If you can’t make the meeting but would like more information, or would just like to be on our email distribution list for meeting reminders and our “just-read” lists, please email Marie at, subject Simply Books!.  Or just leave a comment on the blog.

We’d love to see new members, so please feel free to drop in!


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