Fun Link for Friday: “Lost Titles, Forgotten Rhymes”

We’ve all been there: you remember a sentence, a character’s name, a snippet of dialogue…and you cannot for the life of you remember the title of the book it came from.   You try Google, Amazon, nada.  What next?

Luckily for patrons and librarians alike, Digital Reference Specialist Peter Armenti has come to the rescue!

Armenti works for the Library of Congress in Washington, DC, and he has created a  guide to searching for a work when you don’t know the author or title.  It’s called Lost Titles, Forgotten Rhymes: How to find a Novel, Short Story, or Poem Without Knowing its Title or Author, and it gives you all powers of your local librarian.

Lost Titles, Forgotten Rhymes is a great reference site to bookmark.  In the section on finding novels,  for instance, you’re given links to and descriptions of resources such as FictionFinder and BookSleuth, as well as old stand-bys Google Books, Amazon, and NoveList.  The sections on poetry and short stories are similarly put together.  Best of all, each description tells you how to use these resources, and how to frame your search to get the best results (that’s what we mean when we say Librarian Power!).

Here’s the link to the guide:

Happy Hunting!



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