Shelfari Update and Library Blog Awards

It’s summer already, judging by all of the great out of town visitors here at the library!  Between vacations, work, and summer fun, it’s all too easy to neglect kicking back with a good book.

Marie’s been kicking back with several…with the result that she is in the middle of five books and hasn’t actually finished any (a situation lots of readers can appreciate!).   If you’d like to see what she’s reading, you can click the link to Marie’s Shelfari Page on the right.  Please be on the lookout for a review sometime in the near future–Marie’s hoping to finish at least one of these great reads soon!


It’s Friday yet again, and our fun link for the week is about library blogs.  This week Salem Press announced the winners of this year’s Library Blog Awards, which you can find hereA Librarian’s Guide to Etiquette, the winner of the Quirky nod, is especially fun.


Happy reading, and enjoy this summer weather!


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